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Meet the Team

Get to know the faces behind the excellence, explore our team's bios, and discover the collective expertise that shapes the success stories we create for homeowners like you.

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Bob Thompson


Bob Thompson is the current CEO/President of Tier 1 Construction

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Don Smith

CFO/Vice President

With 43 years of experience in the construction industry, my career has been a tapestry woven with diverse roles, each unveiling a profound understanding of construction intricacies, project management, and effective leadership.

In the realm of estimating and project management, I have consistently upheld an unwavering commitment to excellence. Armed with a robust foundation in blueprints, effective communication, and proficiency in drafting and relevant software, I have guided numerous projects to success over the years.

In my current position, I wear multiple hats, overseeing estimating, project management, contracts, and procurement of materials and equipment. My responsibilities extend to seamless coordination with our Tier 1 Team, architects, engineers, and various project stakeholders, embodying the versatility that defines my career.

During my tenure as Chief Estimator/Project Manager at Apex Construction from March 2019 to May 2021, I played a pivotal role in fostering effective communication and managing the intricacies of estimating and project management. Responsibilities included contractual agreements, sales, and strategic material procurement.

At Encore Construction, I left an indelible mark as Chief Estimator/Project Manager, contributing significantly to estimating and project management processes. My adept communication skills played a vital role in liaising with architects, engineers, and owners, ensuring the smooth execution of projects.

As Chief Estimator/Project Manager for Sens, I undertook comprehensive responsibilities in estimating, project management, and effective communication with stakeholders, playing a crucial role in successful contract negotiations and material procurement.

Stepping into the role of Vice President/Chief Estimator at Harkins Contracting, I managed overall operations, overseeing estimating, project management, sales, and maintaining effective communication with project stakeholders.

Heading D&D Masonry as President/Chief Estimator, I led a concrete and masonry company, managing all aspects, including estimating, project management, sales, and communication with various stakeholders.

Why Tier 1

My journey is a testament to a passion for construction excellence, effective leadership, and a commitment to lifelong learning. As I continue to evolve in this dynamic industry, I remain poised to contribute my wealth of experience and expertise to future endeavors.

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Curtis Waters

Project Manager

Born on December 18, 1969, on a farm along Bethers Road in Berlin, MD, I spent my early years immersed in the rural lifestyle. The family later moved to Salisbury, MD, in 1976, where I continued to grow and develop.

After graduating from Wicomico Sr. High School in 1988, I embarked on a diverse career journey. Initially working for notable companies such as Bayliner Marine, Wyoming Concrete, Perdue Grain, and Messick Ice Company, I gained valuable experiences and skills.

In 1990, I enlisted in the US Navy, serving with distinction until 1995. My military assignments included Treasure Island, CA, USS Bowen FF-1079, SIMA in Norfolk, VA, and USS Whidbey Island LSD-41. Following Navy service, I continued my military commitment by joining the US Air Force Reserve in 1998 as a Civil Engineer, where I served until retirement on February 1, 2023, culminating my tenure at HQ Air Force Reserve Command.

While building my military career, I also pursued education, earning an associate degree in Fire Science from the University of Maryland - Eastern Shore and the Community College of the Air Force.

In 1995, I transitioned to the civilian sector, working with Alarmguard Security until 1999, when I joined Interactive Technologies Inc./GE Security & Life Safety, contributing significantly to the field of electronic security.

In October 2006, I took the entrepreneurial leap, establishing AlarmPro Security, a small business specializing in electronic security alarms. Over the years, the company flourished until its closure in December 2022.

Married since 1991, I am a proud father of two daughters, aged 24 and 34. Beyond my professional and military commitments, I have dedicated myself to family life, embodying the values of dedication, discipline, and service.

As I transition in my career, my legacy is marked by a rich tapestry of experiences, encompassing military service, entrepreneurship, and a steadfast commitment to personal and professional growth.

Why Tier 1

I am enthusiastic about being a Tier 1 teammate, primarily due to the organization's robust values forged through military service. The camaraderie with fellow service members is a key aspect that I cherish, as it allows for a unique connection built on shared experiences and a mutual understanding of the significance of teamwork. The cohesive synergy and success of the team stem from the collective contributions of each individual. It's heartening to be part of a Veteran-owned company that not only values the skills acquired during military service but also actively supports veterans in their transition to civilian life. This opportunity not only aligns with my personal journey but also reflects Tier 1's commitment to fostering a supportive and empowering environment for those who have served.

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Victor Hopkins


Born and raised in the picturesque town of Glen Burnie, Maryland, I embarked on a journey that would take me across the globe and through various career paths. At the age of 19, I made a pivotal decision to join the Navy in 2006, marking the beginning of a five-year commitment to serving my country.

My military adventure took me overseas to Yokosuka, Japan, where I served for four years. On the flight deck of the USS George Washington, I held the crucial role of an aviation fuel repairman. In this position, I not only managed all flight deck maintenance but also supervised fueling evolutions, ensuring the smooth operation of vital processes.

In 2011, I transitioned to civilian life and spent two years with Southwest Airlines as a ramp trainer. Eager for a new challenge, I left the airline industry to pursue an electrical apprenticeship. The first three years of my apprenticeship were with Partners Electric, a company heavily involved in projects throughout Washington, DC, including significant contributions to the National Zoo.

During my time with Partners Electric, I played a key role in electrical and fire alarm installations at prominent exhibits such as the Great Ape House and the Flamingo House. In 2017, I tied the knot and relocated to Clearwater, Florida, where I successfully completed my apprenticeship, earning a Journeyman license for commercial electric work.

From 2019 to 2021, I took on the role of an electrical superintendent, overseeing both residential and commercial projects. This experience paved the way for my transition to D&B in July 2021, marking my first foray into the world of general contracting.

Outside of work, my life is enriched by my marriage and two beautiful children, Birdy and Finn. When not on the job, you can find me pursuing my passions, which include riding motorcycles and engaging in outdoor activities like waterfowl and turkey hunting, as well as fishing. Each chapter of my life has contributed to the diverse tapestry that defines who I am today.

Why Tier 1

I derive great satisfaction from my employment at Tier 1 due to the close-knit nature of our team, which feels more like a family than just colleagues. The elevated standards we uphold at Tier 1 surpass those of previous general contractors I have worked with. The ongoing learning experience, particularly the meticulous attention to detail, sets us apart in the construction industry. Leveraging my expertise as a commercial electrician allows me to effectively contribute to problem-solving and collaborate seamlessly with various trades on site. Aspiring to grow within the company, I look forward to advancing in my role as superintendent and contributing to Tier 1's continued success. There is immense pleasure in taking a step back at the conclusion of a project, observing the collective effort that went into building the best possible structure, and knowing that our team spared no effort in achieving excellence.

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